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Prop 13
The Board of Equalization oversees the property tax system, the same work I have been doing for twenty-five years running the Southern California Board of Equalization Property Tax office. As a member of the Board I will concentrate my efforts on continuing this important oversight work. Protecting taxpayer rights under Proposition 13 has been my life's work.


Proposition 13 has been crucial for homeowners to stay in their homes and not be priced out by property taxes. The volatility of the real estate market in California makes if difficult for many to afford property taxes without Proposition 13. I support its continuation for homeowners while recognizing it has unfair elements. Many commercial property owners have also benefited form proposition 13 protections. Loopholes exploiting the rules allow some corporations to avoid reassessment when other property owners are not afforded the same remedies. The tax savings are seldom passed on to businesses and tenants as landlords charge market rents. I believe this introduces some anti-competitive features to the marketplace and it may be an area to look at for improving the system. New businesses trying to establish themselves in California are at a competitive disadvantage. Balancing taxes and revenue sources in California is a challenge and what ever changes come I want to be sure that business and government are not shocked with uncertainty. I believe I am the right person to help the Board of Equalization respond to any challenges.

Take politics out of the Board of Equalization

The legislature and Governor felt it necessary to break the Board of Equalization into three entities due to political behavior.  It is more important now than ever that the Board of Equalization be served by Board members who have intimate knowledge and experience with the duties of the agency.  The mission of the Board of Equalization is too important to be disrupted by politics. Having a board elected by the citizens to defend their taxpayer rights and ensure fairness in property taxation throughout the state should not be compromised.  The more you learn about the breakup of the Board of Equalization and its newly defined duties, the more inclined  you will be to vote for a candidate with history and experience in property taxation.

Committee to Elect David Dodson
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