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I approve this candidate and have known him a long time. — Scudder Mersman

Endorsed by Jessica Hayes, Chair San Diego County Democratic Party *for identification purposes only — Jessica Hayes

Endorsed by the Veterans Democratic Club of San Diego County.

— Duane Smith, President

Dodson, Dodson, and Only Dodson 
Seriously — we’ve had enough wackiness in our own Assessor’s office, between Webster Guillory and Claude Parrish — as much regarding office procedures and internal investigations as equity in assessments — that we should actually CARE  who wins this election and really focuses in, finally and entirely, on their supervision.  One Democrat is supremely qualified, two are … supremely NOT ….  One Republican has no apparent appreciation that this is now just about property taxes rather than sales and income tax for small businesses and the like, and the leading Republican contender looks like the poster boy for having do-nothing, know-nothing, schlumps parked in this office for the payday and benefits.  GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!
This is clear.  It could not be more clear.  WHATEVER your party, you should vote for David Dodson for BOE District 4 and send a message to the state that we are NOT idiots and to future candidates that THIS IS A REAL JOB!

— Greg Diamond

Congratulations David. You have been endorsed by the Riverside County Young Democrats. Congratulations! — Francisco Ramos

Endorsed by Shawn Holt, Candidate Training Director, Riverside County Democratic Central Committee *for identification purposes only 

— Shawn Holt

It is my privilege to recommend David Dodson. David is uniquely qualified for this office due to his 25 years experience within the State Board of Equalization Property Tax office and is not a career politician out for his own personal interests. He is genuinely focused on supporting the individual constituents of the great communities that make up our district. I have had the pleasure of knowing David almost 40 years. He is a dedicated and loyal family man, friend, and neighbor who’s service to the State, local Communities and Coast Guard have always been a testimony to his commitment to everyone. — Jonathan Mason

Endorsed by Fran Sdao, Chair
Democratic Party of Orange County *for identification purposes only — Fran Sdao

Endorsed by the Democratic Women of South Orange County.

— Kim Anderson, President

Endorsed by Debra Lewis, Dana Point City Council member — Debra Lewis

If you ever wanted to elect someone for office that is not a typical politician, then David Dodson is your guy. Honest, conscientious, experienced and knowledgeable, he has worked in the office that oversees your property tax rolls for more than 25 years, served in the military, Family/churchgoing Man, and old-school surfer. 
What more can you want?
Dodson for BOE!

— John Gjata

Honest and humble person, who I have the privilege to know for many years! Very concern individual who will protect our tax dollars. He'll make sure it's spent wisely... Who is better to vote for, then the man that has seen it all and with his knowledgeable work experience. — Sam Ghareebo

When I think of my father, David Dodson, the first phrase that comes to mind is 'incredibly hardworking'. My father ingrained this quality to both my family and those who he has worked with. He gives the upmost respect to everyone in his presence, from new employees to seasoned supervisors, like himself. David Dodson's experience and dedication as a government employee are easy to see. Growing up, my father displayed friendliness and grace to any passerby down the street. His charisma is unmatched as is his level of expertise in this field. He is always willing to help make sure his coworkers feel comfortable and equip to perform their job. Beyond his work experience, my father is a huge part of my life. He frequented local youth sporting events with my brother and I. Even going on to become an AYSO soccer referee. He is involved in the Doheny Longboard Surfing Association and is a long time resident of Dana Point. As an experienced leader and state employee, David Dodson is as qualified as they come. — Emily Dodson

“I have known David Dodson for over 20 years and can say without reservation that he is a straightforward, honest and trustworthy businessman and family man.”

— Edward Spooner

Endorsed by Gillian Moberg, Redondo Union High School, teacher — Gillian Moberg

Committee to Elect David Dodson
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